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    States with Tax-free Shopping this Summer

    shopIf your child is about to go back to school and you have to make that dreaded run to the mall to buy new clothes then one great reason to delay is to take advantage of tax-free shopping that some States offer.  You can effectively skip the sales tax which results in instant savings on items that are needed for school like clothing, computers, and related items.  You better believe that the stores will be packed with other people trying to get in on the savings and it’s easy to see why.  Who doesn’t like skipping sales taxes?  It’s great for customers and a huge financial win for local stores.  There are rules and we have done our best to define them below by State for you (hope you are not seeing this too late):

    • Alabama

      Aug. 6-8; clothing-$100, computers-$750, school supplies-$50, books-$30

    • Connecticut

      Aug. 15-21; clothing and footwear-$300

    • Florida

      Aug. 13-15; clothing and books-$50, school supplies-$10

    • Illinois

      Aug. 6-15; clothing, footwear and school supplies-$100

    • Iowa

      Aug. 6-7; clothing-$100

    • Maryland

      Aug. 8-14; clothing and footwear-$100

    • Mississippi

      July 30-31; clothing and footwear-$100

    • Missouri

      Aug. 6-8; clothing-$100, computers-$3,500, school supplies-$50

    • New Mexico

      Aug. 6-8; clothing-$100, computers-$1,000, school supplies-$15

    • North Carolina

      Aug. 6-8; clothing-$100, computers-$3,500, other computer-$250, school supplies-$100, instructional materials-$300, sports equipment-$50

    • Oklahoma

      Aug. 6-8; Clothing-$100

    • South Carolina

      Aug. 6-8; clothing, school supplies, computers and other school-related equipment are exempt from the sales and use tax.

    • Tennessee

      Aug. 6-8; clothing-$100, computers-$1,500, school supplies-$100

    • Texas

      Aug. 20-22; Clothing, backpacks and school supplies-$100

    • Virginia

      Aug. 6-8; clothing-$100, school supplies-$20

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